Mission Teams

Worship and Music Mission Team

The most visible ministry that any church does is the worship service. This mission team works closely with Pastor to provide members and visitors with an experience that is God-centered worship. This group meets quarterly to plan upcoming services and review those which have taken place.

Altar Guild

Sets up and cleans up communion each week and as needed, maintains albs and linens, changes paraments with seasons, polishes appointments, and helps decorate for special services.

Assisting Minister

Reads assigned readings for worship, leads prayer, assists with the distribution of Holy Communion.

Communion Assistant

Distributes bread or wine/grape juice during Holy Communion.

Care Caller

care callers phone 10 fellow members quarterly to check in and offer a listening ear

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Minister teams of two bring communion to homebound members twice a month.

Technical Assistants

This group runs the laptop with the PowerPoint presentation, the sound system, and the video streaming equipment. Tech will turn on the systems, set the screen and projectors, and make sure the microphones are turned on and ready.


Distributes bulletins, counts people in attendance, assists people who need a little help, is aware of potential problems, and gives directions in case of emergency.

For The Kids:

Vacation Bible School

Preschool to Grade 5

Work on planning the summer activities for our church kids. This group may collaborate with other churches for a city-wide event.

Sunday School Teacher

Preschool to Grade 5

Shares the good news of God’s love with our children by teaching Bible stories. Crafts, skits, and music.

Youth Group (ALYO)

The adult members, along with the kids, plan events and activities. Cookies, bread, backpack program, Skits, LLC activities including Little Sprouts, confirmation camp.

Other Mission Team Opportunities

Life and Growth

Among other things, this group plans the special events for “Fun, Food, & Fellowship.”


This group assists Pastor with personnel issues including interviewing and selecting people to fill vacancies as they occur as well as making staff salary and raise recommendations.


The older part of Augustana’s building was dedicated on February 16, 1890. As with a personal home, upkeep is always needed. This mission team ensures that the building and grounds are kept in good order and repaired as necessary.

Social Concerns

This team provides opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life.
Current projects include:
Quarters – World Hunger
Feeding people – Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen
Personal Care Items, Support the Troops,
Irving Elementary – School supplies and mittens, coats, and caps,
Giving Tree,


Stewardship is caretaking. God makes us stewards of everything. That’s an awesome responsibility. Part of caretaking involves giving. An offertory prayer talks about giving of ourselves, our time, and our possessions. This mission team plans ways to get that message to all members.


This team encourages members to provide a warm, welcoming and caring atmosphere at Augustana as well as spreading the Gospel to others. It is responsible for the temple talks, ushers, and new member orientation.


This team oversees the financial reports, receipts, and disbursements of the congregation monies and prepares a financial mission plan (proposed budget) each year.


This team reviews previous memorial donations as well as making suggestions for appropriate expenditures for new gifts.

WELCA (Women of the ELCA)

The ladies meet for spiritual fellowship once a month. They also plan, set up and decorate the fellowship hall for the funeral luncheons, receptions, etc.

Piece Corps Quilters

Meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 10am to 2pm.
They make around 100 quilts each year and donate them to various agencies. Members work on cutting squares, designing patterns, sewing the squares together, tying, pinning the backings, and sewing the borders.