Mission Teams


  • Main focus Evangelism, Stewardship, Memorial, Financial and Benevolence
  • Supports the other committees/teams towards achieving their team goals
  • Pastor, Council President, Treasurer, and Stewardship meet 1-2 times each month
  • Sub-Committee: Personnel


  • Provide opportunities to make a difference in other people’s lives
  • Plans special events for “Fun, Food, & Fellowship.” Halloween, Santa Lucia, Family Fun Nights
  • Taking care of churched and unchurched, including shut-ins and our inactive members
  • World Hunger, Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen
  • Irving Elementary – School supplies and mittens, coats, and caps,
  • Giving Tree during Easter and Christmas
  • Teams up with WELCA


  • Worship & Music: Works directly with pastor to provide members and visitors with a worship experience that is God-centered
  • Sub-committee: Education & Marketing


  • The older part of Augustana’s building was dedicated on February 16, 1890. The eastern half of our building was dedicated in 1978.
  • As with a personal home, upkeep is always needed, and we will ensure that the building, grounds, & interior of Augustana are clean and in good order
  • Sub-committee: Technology

Piece Corps Quilters

Meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 10am to 2pm.
They make around 100 quilts each year and donate them to various agencies. Members work on cutting squares, designing patterns, sewing the squares together, tying, pinning the backings, and sewing the borders.