Serving a meal at Century II apartments

At Augustana we take pride in reaching out to those in need throughout our community. Throughout the year we participate in several community outreach opportunities such as:

  • Christmas Caroling to nursing homes and the homebound
  • CROP Hunger Walk
  • Helping at the Sioux City Soup Kitchen & Siouxland Foodbank
  • Providing back-to-school backpacks for Irving Elementary School
  • Bringing a dinner to the residents at the Century II Apartments across the street


  • Sioux City, Iowa is a community that hosts Industrial and Agricultural business. It also home to two Universities and two community colleges.
  • Located just east of downtown, income levels of the neighborhood vary from low to middle class. The educational level also varies.
  • The neighborhood is primarily families with 50% male & female, 15% under 19yrs, 15% age 20-34, 20% age 35-49, 20% age 50-56, and 30% over 65. The population is made up of Asian American, Black and Caucasian.
  • There is an Asian American, Greek, and Lutheran church, all within a few blocks to our west.
  • Augustana Lutheran Church is known as a welcoming place and the doors are open to the whole Sioux City community no matter their educational, race or sexual orientation.